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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fighting the Good Fight

For a little more than a month, I have been hesitant to write.  And here's why.  I have this friend, from high school.  When we were actually in high school, my contact with her was minimal.  However, with facebook, that has changed.  If only, back then, we could see what was to happen in the future.  Facebook has done this for me many times over.  Some wonderful friendships have been established, re-established and strengthened.  This is facebook at it's best.  One of these friendships; reconnection's I am thankful for is with a girl I knew as Michal.  Many now call her Mary.  Mary Michal Workman Eggers.

With those closest to me, I am known to be quite hard on myself.  Recently, I was paid a great compliment in an email sent to me.  As I read it, I felt I was undeserving of this because all I could think of was Michal.  The email included a story about someone who, even in the face of their own suffering, was always thinking of others.  It was the story of Jesus and the Stations of the Cross.  I forwarded this to her with the same explanation I am about to say here.  I am Catholic.  I am by no means a "Bible pusher".  This came about because my daughter was involved in the ceremony at church.  Apparently, my husband related this story to me in ways and wanted to let me know.  It was a great compliment that I had trouble receiving.

So Michal.  Yeah.  You may have heard of her.  She's the crazy chick, who while on a run, decided to tweet Lance Armstrong and challenge him to a 50-meter kick off in a pool!  No, she wasn't run off the road or hit by a car (this time), or have a collision with deer while on said run(this time).  This came to her in a completely (arguably) sane moment.  She did it for a very select group of special teens.  Who happen to have cancer.  She did it to help raise money.  For them.  Teens Living with Cancer.

I am going to try my best to link what ever I can here.  This is not my forte.  This is partially why I have been so quiet on here.  My technical skills suck.  But I know how to link a youtube video and I found one today!  The other reason for not writing, is because I felt I had no right to, not for one single second, complain or take, in any way, away from what Michal is trying to accomplish.  I vowed to share what I could, where I could.  So!  Hopefully, I can do some good here.

There is so much out there now about what Michal/Lance/TLC is all about.  I wouldn't be capable of giving it the justice it deserves.  Hopefully, I can start with this link Dual in the Pool .

Hey!  I think I've got this!  Here is the reason Michal is fighting this fight always and especially on April 28th along with Lance Armstrong!  Dear Melissa

I encourage you all to take a minute to watch this video, read Mary/Michal's special letter and to make a donation for DUAL IN THE POOL!!  The following link will tell more about DUAL IN THE POOL!!! As well as provide a link to make your generous and greatly needed donations.  Make your donations here!!

Holy Cow!!  I'm a linker.  I am a blog linker!! Watch out!!

Seriously.  Thank you for taking the time, each time you do, to read.  This is one of the most important posts I have ever put out.  Cancer has touched too many.  It  also has and continues to take too many from us.  Nobody deserves cancer.  Least of all, children.  As adults, it is difficult for us to process such a life altering diagnosis.  Yet these are children, who are expected to process the same when they have barely had the time to navigate life.  Let's fight this together.  Let's help, in any amount we are able.  Every penny counts.  I just learned that "just TEN DOLLARS provides one hour of hope for a teen facing cancer". 

If I haven't provided enough information, I apologize. I am slightly distracted and multi-tasking.  But it was important to me to get this out.  You can read more and be deeply inspired by checking out Mary Michal's blog at

I am constantly amazed by what this woman is capable of.  You will be too.

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