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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Good Doctor

New day.  Yesterday, through pain and frustration, I vented my way through a post.  After going to my appointment at the rheumatologist, I felt much better.  I was still in pain, but emotionally, I was better.  And that can make quite the difference.

So, the update. First, he apologized for the delay in the insurance approval.  The way he delivered the apology, I couldn't be mad.  It is a new relationship with a great start.  I like him a lot.  I also like the way he treats his staff.  As if they were his equals. with respect and friendly chatter.  He understands he needs them to do his job well.  To me, that says that he understands people. 

He explained that we had to flush the Humira out of my system before starting the new treatment.  He asked about where I was hurting and gently checked everything out.  He pointed out was fibromyalsia and what was ra.  He acknowledged my "puffy" and hot spots. He explained that everything was flaring because my body is under stress and attack.  To combat that, he is increasing steroid dosage until we can get the infusions started.  He offered the explanation that 50% of patients fail their first treatment.  And then assured me that there will be a time frame put on the next one for success and a plan if it fails.  He said and did all the right things and delivered it with compassion and kindness. 

The last things he did, meant a lot.  He came back out to me as I was at the receptionists desk making my next appointment and said, "I can't wait to see you in two months and meet the person you used to be.  I am really excited for you."  Wow. 

I am thankful for the friends who urged me to find a new doctor.  And that I finally realized I was worth it.  None of this is just in my head.

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