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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Update From The Couch

I've been struggling with how to proceed here.  I don't know where to draw the line at TMI!  However, you are asking, so I will figure out how to do an update with class. Maybe.

The ball exercise is not happening.  Until I figure out what I can do I it that does NOT involve any muscles in the *ahem* lower region.  I just should not.  So we are clear, here is the current list of Should Nots:

No lifting
No standing/walking for too long
No coughing/sneezing/laughing WHILE standing
Should not take long showers
No Dancing/Bouncing Up & Down...absolutely never!

Here's a new one as of yesterday:

No yelling (we are talking slightly raised voice here, not even screaming!) while standing!

I also proved today that sneezing and calling loudly for somebody, even while seated,  proves...unsafe/complicated

That is where we are at.

I shall remain in this state of "Caution", it appears, until July.  My first window of opportunity would have been for the first week in May.  That is not working with the surgeons schedule.  A normal person (one without RA) would have been able to do it the second week in May.  My next window is the first week of July (I think) as long as I stay healthy.

I learned some things sitting here.  First, I am a kick ass Rummy player.  Second, while watching The Incredible Dr. Pol, I learned that, should "it" ever fall out, we could just call a large animal vet and they will come over and pour cold water over "it" and gently shove "it" back in.  I saw this done with a cow who had just prolapsed after giving birth.  Also, from a friend that is a vet, I learned that you can also pour sugar on "it" for magically sweet shrinking powers to help with getting "it" back where "it" belongs.  See, all good.

So really, I am fine.  Just waiting for July.

Thank you for all your messages of concern.  I am being taken very good care of :)

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