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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't Count Me Out Just Yet!

I know, I know. It has been a while. I haven't stopped working towards my goals, just trying to keep up with my frantic pace in life! I have also been feeling a bit under the weather and trying to ignore it all at the same time. I will be confronting all that later this afternoon. In the meantime, I am resting, so I have time to sit and write.

So, as I stated above, I am still making changes for a healthier lifestyle. It hasn't been easy, but I am making progress. No Pepsi (boo-hoo). More water and only unsweetened iced tea for me these past several weeks now. I eat before I leave or prepare myself before we go where I could go and what I could get. No more rushing to order. I have to thank all the fine eating establishments for being VERY patient with me whilst I choose wisely!

If you were in OP last week and on the very same road I traveled at the very same moment, you may have observed something "odd". We had been very busy prepping our house and yard for Emily's upcoming party for her First Communion. This left me with very little time to think about, much less prepare meals for dinner. I had to run out and gather more supplies and decided that I would pick up Arby's for the children on the way home. I did the drive through and proceeded on home. Something strange came over my hand. The smell of the seasoned curly fries possessed it. The next thing I knew, my hand left the steering wheel and attempted to dive into the bag containing the fries!! Hell NO! I pulled the car over. Right there on Milestrip Road (just before Target). Grabbed the bags, got out of the car, walked all the way to the very back, opened the hatch to the minivan and THREW the bags in there!!! HA! Got in the FRONT of the car and drove away. I could still smell them...but I couldn't reach them. In days past, this would not have been the case! I went home and enjoyed my salad (with controlled amounts of dressing) from Olive Garden and less than half of the entree I got to go with it. Proud moment!

So I am still in the game. Just moving slower than I would like to. On the advise of a beautiful and smart little friend of mine, I am going to tear down some walls and address some issues I have been avoiding today. Maybe then I can progress more quickly. I've got great plans for myself and nothing is gonna stop me!!

By the way...2.4 pounds...GONE!!!


  1. Slow and steady wins the race! We're gonna win.

  2. and we are still with you sister!