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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Great Expectaions

What I learned today:

Some hold you to standards that they themselves could never reach and gain pleasure as they remind you of your shortcomings along the way.

Strength will remind you why this happens. And then point out how far above those standards you have actually risen.

Some expectations are unhealthy challenges set up for purpose failure.

Strength will warn you of the danger of accepting such challenges.  And then remind you that there is no need to compete.

Nobody expects more from me than I do of myself.  My standards are the ones to be leery of; not those of others. 

I wake every morning and put my feet to the matter what; how bad or how painful. There is no other choice.  It is what is expected of me, what I expect of myself.

I have always tried to do the best I could.  If I lay my head on my pillow at night and felt I didn't do enough, I tried harder the next day. I am a fighter.

I have never been a fan of jealousy.  Today, it made me smile.  Today, I was reminded that I had exceeded the greatest of expectations.  In spite of it all...

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