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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in Review

2011 has been a pretty great year.  The year started out with some necessary roughness.  Enough to get me a diagnosis and treatment.  Treatment that made me feel well enough to enjoy the year that was to come. 

I learned to let go (not entirely, I am still working on this) to allow myself to do more.  It is no longer all or nothing.  It's now a little bit is something.  I was reminded of how good I have it.  Husband, children, family and friends. 

We camped  a bunch and went on real (to us) vacations with friends and family.  We even got to spend a week in Virginia Beach with my sister and her family.  While there, actually when leaving, she gave me one of the biggest gifts she ever could have.  Her tears touched me and connected me with her all over again. 

I became an Aunt, again and found out I would be once more later.  I made great connections with old friends and enjoyed visits with them when we were in the same town(s).

We went to concerts with friends and had a blast.  I danced.  It hurt real good.  We took the kids to see The Lion King.  While there, I watched Ethan grow a little as he explained to his little brother that the man with the sleeping bag most likely had no home and would have to sleep outside.  In that moment, I appreciated all that we have been blessed with and felt guilty for it and then fortunate that my children were safe and warm...and very kind.

I watched my children grow another year.  It doesn't get much better than that.  I fell in love with my husband more and understood how great his commitment to me and our children is as he filled all the roles I wasn't able to without a single complaint.

Life is never easy.  But it is certainly beautiful.

Happy New Year all!  I hope the year ahead is good to you and your needs!


  1. Happy New Year To You! Yes, it is truly the simple things that have carried me forward for the past 13 years and it is truly the simple things that will fill up my life with riches in the future. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed by the joy of just being and I truly realize that if I had never had ra I probably would not have taken this time to slow down and truly appreciate it all.

  2. Deb,Thank you. It is always inspiring to hear from others who have been navigating with ra (or any other disease) for years and to hear how well they manage. I totally agree with you about the blessing in disguise. I have also learned to appreciate some things in life I may not have otherwise. I hope 2012 brings you many comforts.