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Monday, November 26, 2012

For Tracie...

I have always been very vocal about the amazing group of friends that I have had for the best years of my life.  They had no idea, but came into my life at a very crucial time and I am entirely grateful for them all.  One, in particular, has been my rock, my go-to girl and most importantly, my best girl-friend.  I have always been impressed with the person she continues to grow to be and quite honestly, she continues to amaze me...even when I know exactly what to expect from her.

Recently, a mutual friend of ours found out she needed a kidney transplant.  Tracie,without hesitation stepped up (as well as many wonderful others) and began the process to see if she was a possible match.  She is.

Trace, this is for you.  Even though I said it to you earlier today, I decided that you deserve to hear it again.  And because I want you to read and process what so many are thinking...I am speaking for the many who wish we could do what you are about to do.

You are a remarkable woman.  I can't help but think that your Mom is just beaming with pride and absolute approval.  This gift you are giving is beyond priceless...and has infinite rewards.  YOU are saving a life.  And even if something should happen and this not go as we all hope; it doesn't take away from the selfless gift you are offering to a mother, wife , daughter, sister, granddaughter and friend.  And to think how this will touch many in ways you never thought possible.  You are also giving the gift of hope. Hope that a husband and wife can continue to enjoy and watch their children grow, together.  Imagine what this act will do for the children who will grow to know that someone, you, went to great lengths to help their mother.  Think about how this will help to shape who they are to become.  And, of course, a husband who will most likely struggle to find the words he wants to properly thank you for all that you are offering.

I know that this makes you uncomfortable and that your wish is to make this anything but about you.  Too bad.  You deserve every word, well wish and compliment.  So much more is possible because you  made it so.  So read this, on your own and give yourself permission to accept all that we are saying to you.  You are so worth it.  Once again, you are giving someone a chance at a beautiful future, just as you did with each child that came into your heart and home. Roman.

Your  children will also take much from all of this.  You are a hero.  SuperMom.  Super Amazing.

Tracie, I am beyond words to express how boundlessly proud I am of you.  Thank you for always being an amazing friend. I love you, my little friend.  Godspeed.

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