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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Update: On the Ball

So here is the update on my ball workout (check out, if needed).  First, I had to wait for the ball to be found (don't ask me how on earth it can take 4 people an entire weekend to locate an over-sized beach ball that has been hanging out in the basement for the past 9 years) and then it was brought up.  Awesome. Then it was another agonizing search for the resistance bands.  Though they were never given to me, I did find them yesterday in a load of clean laundry.  Hey...progress!

Day One: NEVER assume that the [most likely] six-plus year old air that is filling that ball is ALL the air needed.

Perhaps it is all for my 40-pound child.  Me?  Right.  The ball instantly became the equivalent of a bean-bag chair.  Imagine that.  Imagine your 80 year old grandmother in a bean-bag chair trying to stand up.  Your, rather large, 80 year old grandmother, who also has a good case of arthritis.  I am sure she would have been more graceful than I was trying to recover and get up!  When all was said and done/injured and depleted, I decided that what I had just been through, should more than count for my 3 minutes of aerobic activity.

Day Two: Don't get impatient when waiting for something to be done.

So the ball needs air.  People in my house are busy with homework, housework, playing, know, stuff.  I HATE asking them for help.  I am really dedicated to this ball and it helping me get stronger.  I really am!  So today, I find the pump that came with the 12 year-old ball and SURPRISE!!  It has a crack in it.  I look for the duct tape.  DO you know how much looking one has to do in a house with an accountant (who uses it to fix most anything), a crafty daughter, a Boy Scout and a cute little shadow who follows whatever the other 3 are doing, to find the duct tape?  Anyhow, I find it and duct tape the crack and make it work.  YES!  I get myself on my newly inflated ball.  It. Felt. AWESOME!  Until.  I leaned back a little to far, lost my balance and wound up on the floor...again.  Three minutes of aerobic activity.  You bet your sweet little non-swollen ass it counts!

I haven't even started with the bands yet.  Do I really need to explain why?

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