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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Good beautiful sunny Saturday morning! What a week this has been. Last week, I would have never imagined I'd be doing this, blog thing. But here I am. Post # 3. I am not certain how often I will post. I am also uncertain about how often I will post my weight. I am thinking once a week. I do however suffer from a bit of OCD and will most likely weigh myself every day once I get rolling. Get rolling is what I intend to work on and solidify this weekend and coming week.

What I think I'd like to address today is the perception that overweight people are lazy and sit around for the most part eating. To those ill informed I say this, follow me around for a day. I am quite positive you will change your mind. We do not all frequent fast food chains, eat whole bags of chips or cookies in a sitting. We do not eat perfectly either. You'd be surprised to find out how often I actually eat, most days (once) and surprised once more when you see how quickly and with how little I find myself full. We are guilty of neglect, to our bodies and our spirits. We fail to nourish our bodies in the way they were meant to be nourished. And often, we give so much of ourselves without thinking twice about when the last time it was that we actually stopped to take care of ourselves.

In my case, I am a wife, mommy, sister, granddaughter, friend and child care provider and so much more. I volunteer my time at our local fire hall as VP for the Ladies Auxiliary. My house is constantly full and the door opens and closes many times in a day. I do not have much time, at all, for myself. I love my life. I love what I have made of it. I am just not sure that I love what has become of me.

Me. I am fun, loving, loyal and caring, sometimes, too caring. I want everyone to be happy and will bend over backwards to ensure that they are. I am determined. If I want it to happen or get done, I will make it happen. I am creative. I am passionate and emotional. I am proud to be emotional. It means that I feel. There is nothing wrong with that . It means that I am human. And until recently, I could never say, "no".

That is just part of who I am. I also have many struggles. I believe that we are never handed more than we can handle. Somebody thinks I am very strong! When things get tough, I try to think that there is someone out there dealing with much worse and I pray for them. While I am proud, at times of what I have overcome and the person I am, I struggle with the question of why. Not why me, just why. I will never understand. But I can stand, strong and determined. I will not be bitter. Life is too short and glorious for bitterness. I try to forgive but my head and heart can't forget. My struggle now will be convincing myself that I AM worth the effort, my effort. Maybe there are others who didn't or don't think so. Too bad. Because there MANY others that do. For that, I am truly blessed. And in that I will find success.

Fortunately, I have already started paving my path to success. As I said above, I have learned to say no. Now, I never said I don't feel guilty, but I am willing to bet that the guilt I carry over things like that weighs quite a bit! I'll have to shed that real quick! Saying no is a small step, but it is a start. Next I will have to really work on carving out time for some exercise.

About a month ago, I got some great advise from a amazing athlete. She told me to be sure to get at least 2 fruits and 2 veggies in each day (or maybe it was 3?). I was able to follow that for a couple weeks, and then...everybody in my house got sick and I fell off the wagon! But I think it made a huge difference. So I am going to start implementing that again. I am also going to up my daily water intake.

So, saying no without guilt, drinking more water, getting my fruits and veggies in and at least 10 minutes per day of cardio. And yoga! I LOVE yoga. I think those will be my goals for the week. What are yours????


  1. Great work sister, Know that you ahve a lot of people on board with you here. Remember, in addition to yoga you can great things to use at home. An empty Tide bottle fileld with water.... weights! Tubing at target less than $10!

  2. You are truly one of the strongest people I have ever met...and your house, husband, kids, all the people who depend on you prove that and make you stronger. How you manage to do it all with a smile on your face is beyond me. As you know, I am MOT a people person, nut I still look for you in the freezer section at Target. Talking to you makes me feel good. More power to ya SISTER!

  3. And did I forget are very BRACE!

  4. Oooh the tears! Jen, Thank you so much. Re-read your post and see it in yourself as well. We all have our struggles and our strength comes in facing them. You are strong. And I am proud of you. I too, will never see the freezer section at Target the same <3 Thank you!

  5. I'm with you on the 2 fruits and 2 veggies a day, if not more. Not eating meat lately has been a great benefit. We can do it!