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Monday, March 29, 2010

Making the Goal

It's been a perfectly cloudy, gloomy day and I am struggling to find some motivation. Part of my trouble is that when rain is in the air, I am achy and stiff for a day or two. Oh the knees! I dread the stairs and walking behind slow moving children, pets and husband is painful, especially if they stop suddenly....uhg!~

It is also a new week and I want to show a loss at the end, so I will have to dig deep for that motivation. I still need to work on the water intake. I have no problem getting my fruits in, but the daily veggies are tough. I can't wait to get the garden started. There is nothing better than standing in the garden snacking on nature's gifts. Until then, I will have to make a point of having a better variety prepared. Celery has been awful lately, so I am counting that out. Cucumbers and some sweet peppers sound good to me!

I had a friend write me and give me a good pointer. She told me to make small, attainable goals and that once I reached that goal to immediately set another one. I have been thinking about what that goal could be. Currently there are three I am choosing between: drink 64 oz. of water each day for a week, lose 5 lbs or go for the gusto and strive for 10lbs. Honestly, I am hoping to go for the water and lose 5 lbs anyway! Seriously though, what a great idea. We all get so hung up on those goals that are absolutely obtainable, but discouraging because they can seem so overwhelming as a whole. Break it up, tackle it little by little and reward yourself with the satisfaction that you are reaching a goal, several little ones that will eventually add up to a fantastically large achievement in the end. Brilliant! I love that tip! Thanks Cortney!

I have to admit that I am still very bothered by how awkward yoga felt to me the other day. It surely didn't do a whole lot for my body image. I still felt wonderful in the end, but very sad. I try not to think about it, but there is this nagging feeling that I can't shake. I hate that. The plus is that since I decided to be so open about everything, it's not as heavy of a feeling as it used to be. Progress. I'll take it. To help me see the progress, I measured myself the other day as well. I am hoping that when the pounds aren't sliding off the way I'd like them to, I can measure myself and hopefully see some gain there. Always good to have a back up plan. I know that I have a long road ahead of me, but I can think about Emily's communion in May and know that I will be smaller then and for June and the year end concerts, etc...Who knows what will be left of me this time next year!

I remember, in my younger, healthier days, I would see one of those commercials on TV. The pretty girl would have a number like 115 lbs with a circle around it. It was the amount of weight she had lost on some amazing program. I would think, "Oh my God! She lost a person!". Little did I know that would be me someday. I can't wait to "lose a person" for the simple reason that it will no longer be so predominately on my mind. I can't imagine what that will feel like. One day at a time, I have to keep reminding myself. I am anxious for the day I can carry the bag of dog food in and say to myself, "HEY! You lost all this!" Just to look at the size of the 50# bag and lift it's weight. What a day that will be. I even thought about saving all the gallon milk jugs, filling one with water each time I lose 9# and stacking them in the garage, just to see what it looks like. Crazy, I know, but it's what I think about. Betcha I'm not alone!~

However, if I don't get up and off my butt right now, I will be one more day away from filling an empty milk jug! I am off...motivated or not, I must get this work out in! Have a great night all!

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